The Pogues @ Terminal 5, NYC - 3-15-2011 (4)

The Pogues @ Terminal 5, NYC – 3-15-2011

March 17, 2011 | Concert Photography

The Pogues played Terminal 5 on March 15th 2011, and I was lucky to be in attendance. The band was in fine form, and played the usual set (with a few exceptions here and there). This was the 6th time shooting a Pogues show and I think I got the best shots yet!

I reviewed the show on so be sure to read my in-depth review there.

Let’s talk about the photography side of things shall we? After shooting the opening band Titus Andronicus , I got a good sense of what lenses to use. The wide angle lens would have to sit this one out, not until I can buy the 24-70mm f2.8 or 14-24mm f2.8 lens. I stuck with the 70-200mm f2.8 and 50mm f.14 for the last song of the Pogues.

Remind me not to wear my cap from Ireland next shoot. I starting to wear it the normal way and had to lift it up to use my camera. I eventually just flip it around and looked like a beatnik, just so I could shoot in peace. The first song “Streams of Whiskey” had the best lighting. Mixture of reds, purple and some normal white lighting. I like when there’s smoke, and white front lighting. That still didn’t change the fact that I was still shooting at ISO 3200 to get some decent shots of Shane MacGowan.

Which leads me to comment on the rest of the wire photographers in the pit; their only main goal is to get as many shots of Shane as possible. They were all smushed right in the middle of the pit. It’s like they were the paparazzi, to get that shot of him being too drunk or doing something stupid. You know there are 7 other musicians in the band right? I try to get some shots of Shane, but honestly the other members are lit better. Shane doesn’t like to be in the lighting, which proves to be a challenge for photographers. I managed though. I managed to get a shot of drummer of Andrew Ranken this time, which I always seemed to have a tough time of doing every time I shoot the Pogues. I think my favorite shots were of Shane and Philip Chevron. If this was the last time of shooting the Pogues, it has been a pleasure & a blast!

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