Kaiser Chiefs @ Webster Hall, NYC - 11.15.08 (1)

Kaiser Chiefs @ Webster Hall, NYC – 11.15.08

November 24, 2008 | Concert Photography

Last week, I saw the Kaiser Chiefs show at Webster Hall in New York City. I shot the show for Prefixmag.com and the photos have been up for the week so far. I didn’t really have a good time at this show. The band was excellent, I got some cool photos, but it was just an awful experience at Webster Hall that made the show not fun.

In a nutshell, the press passes weren’t at the box office and the WH staff were very rude (except the guy that was helping us out with passes). While trying to sort out the passes mishap with the staff and publicists, the staff kicked my girlfriend and I out in the pouring rain when no one else was in the lobby. One guy was being more of a douchebag about it than others. We eventually got in before the first band started thankfully. Then when I finally got done shooting the show, the bouncer told me to go around to get back up front where my girlfriend and group were. I pleaded with the bouncer that my girlfriend was right there and let me walk 2 inches pass the gate. He said no. So I had to go to the opposite direction to go back up front. Whereas it could have taken 1 second for me to slip back into my normal spot. It took me about 4 songs to get up front since the crowd weren’t being helpful and quite rude as well. I had to deal with one snobby old twat, who told me to go around her. I had people almost ready to beat the shit out of me. I had to point to my camera bag and tell them I’m just trying to get to my girlfriend. People are fucking jerks sometimes.

So yeah, it was just a miserable experience. It’s unfortunate because the Kaiser Chiefs were awesome. They played a few new tracks from their new album, and glad they did. I’ve been listening to that album nonstop. They played “Never Miss A Beat,” “Good Days, Bad Days,” “You Want History,” “Can’t Say What You Mean,”and “Half The Truth.” Plus a lot of the classics like “Everyday I love you less and less,” “I Predict a Riot” and “Ruby.”

Ricky Wilson was in fine form and doing his usual jumps. I was pretty much taking pictures of him the entire time because of that. I had my wide angle lens out a lot, because I knew if I had another lens on; I’d miss the jumpshots. I managed to get 2 jumpshot photos! I did take out my 70-200mm f2.8 lens for a few seconds, I wanted to get some shots of the drummer and Peanut. But it was hard to get shots of the drummer where I was positioned. I’m glad I picked the spot where I was though, because the pit was tiny and filled with photographers. My spot is where Ricky Wilson was the entire time too. The lighting was a lot better than it was for the opening band, Oxford Collapse.

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