The Fitzkee Brothers Featuring Roast John @ Bethany Blues, Lewes, DE - 12.22.23

The Fitzkee Brothers Featuring Roast John @ Bethany Blues, Lewes, Delaware – 12.22.23

December 28, 2023 | Concert Photography

The Fitzkee Brothers Featuring Roast John played Bethany Blues in Lewes, Delaware on December 22nd 2023.

The Fitzkees wanted some more live photos of their set with Nick on keys back into the fold so I went out to Bethany Blues in Lewes a few days before Christmas. I only been there once to eat but I guess they remodeled things around since the last time I was there about 7 years ago. The stage and lighting was upgraded apparently and it was actually a nice spot to see some live music.

Lighting was good and ample spots to take pictures of. I was getting creative by going outside and shooting from the window to get a different perspective. With sit down restaurants/bars, I try not to get in the way so I was sitting by the side most of the show. I’d sometimes move around, kneel down and move along so I wasn’t too much in the way. For the photographers out there, I was using my 3 go-to lenses 24-70mm, 70-200mm and 14-24mm and shooting around ISO 3200. Shooting above 1/250 is key for concerts, especially with Drew Fitzkee jumping around on stage.

The band was great and having a fun time on stage. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of them in 2024! Stay Tuned! Thanks for inviting me out again!

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