Danielle Ponder @ Rocking The Docks, Lewes, DE – 08.16.23

Danielle Ponder @ Rocking The Docks, Lewes, DE – 08.16.23

September 21, 2023 | Concert Photography

Danielle Ponder performed at Rocking the Docks in Lewes, Delaware on August 16th 2023. If you were there, you saw quite the performance!

Seeing Danielle perform was one of the highlights for me for Rocking the Docks series. Her powerful vocals and emotional stage performance is just something you have to see in person. I truly believe she will be a superstar selling out stadiums soon enough. Gave me goosebumps throughout the night.

Like the other concerts here, I tried to get lots of different perspectives, and used all my lenses to achieve that. I liked the photos when it was night time. For this night, with the mixture of stage lighting and the sky, it gave off this green-ish/blue-ish hue. I loved the photos that I got, but Danielle was poking fun at herself for some of the faces she was making in the shots. I told her, that’s what the late, great Charles Bradley used to do, pour all his emotion into the songs and it showed in the photos.

I had to get a photo with her after the set, along with everybody else. Everybody was lining up to give her hugs and take a picture. Seeing Danielle live will do that, wanting to give her a big hug afterwards.

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