JJ Rupp @ Bettie James Festival, Milton, DE

JJ Rupp @ Bettie James Festival, Milton, DE – 08.13.22

August 16, 2022 | Concert Photography

Hey! Remember me, I used to photograph shows a bunch? I’m back with my first concert in over 2 years! You can read my full review at ReadJunk.com.

Taking photos at shows is like riding a bike. It didn’t even feel like I had a void of 2 years of not taking photos. The last time I took photos, was in NYC on January 2020 right before covid hit. Now I’m relocated to Milton, DE and shooting a country festival 5 minutes from my place. How the times have changed? No, I’m not changing the name of the site to countryphotos or something. I would change to BKPhotos but that’s taken.

The first artist in the festival was singer/songwriter JJ Rupp. It was around 5:45pm so the sun was out, which made it a little too bright for photos. I like outdoor festivals but the lighting can be always meh with the harsh sunlight. I’m just thankful it wasn’t pouring like it was doing last year at Bettie James festival.

For this set, I mainly used the 3 lenses I’ve been using for years: 24-70mm, 70-200mm and a little bit of the 14-24mm. My camera and lenses are starting to get wear and tear on there with the rubber but I’m going to have to make do with what I got since I’m not falling ass backwards into money…especially not for photography.

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