Walt Disney World Vacation: Day 6 (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios) - 10.4.19 (19)

Walt Disney World Vacation: Day 6 (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios) – 10.4.19

November 20, 2019 | Travel Photography

The last day of my Walt Disney World trip was quite eventful where we visited 3 of the 4 parks in one day. The day started early with getting at the park around 7am because we had a Character breakfast with the characters of Winnie The Pooh.

Character breakfasts are expensive, but it’s certainly worth it when your kid is really into it and wants to give all the characters hugs, take pictures and get autographs. Not to mention its nice to have endless amount of food, but with buffets, I usually only want seconds. After doing that for a bit, we still had a little bit of time to do some rides before it was open for all the guests. We headed up to The Haunted Mansion and did that again, and kept checking the WDW app to see if Splash Mountain was working. It was going through a lot of tests and was down most of the morning. So much so that we ended up getting a free Fast Pass for anything because it was down during our window. Connor and I did Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again and I love that he likes doing coasters with me.

Thankfully, Splash Mountain was working after awhile and we were able to use that Fast Pass for it. We originally had a FP for Splash Mountain as the very first ride of our trip but we were nervous the drop would be too big for Connor for his first ride. So I ended up switching that with Winnie the Pooh instead. Connor ended up loving Splash and was laughing when we got wet on it. It’s still one of my favorite rides at WDW, I just wish we rode it more than once this time around. AT least for next time, we know he enjoys it and can do it. Other rides we did that morning included Winnie the Pooh again, Pirates again, and I even went on the Mad Tea Party for the first time since maybe the early 90s? I always thought I got sick on it so I never did the tea cups. It was a lot of fun actually and I spun that bad boy around like crazy too. We had a FP for Seven Mines again so that awesome to do again. It’s not my favorite roller coaster at Disney but I’ll definitely do that a bunch of times. We tried to cram as much as we could before we wanted to leave Magic Kingdom for the last time of the trip. We did People Mover last and called it a day at MK. We wanted to ride the monorail for Connor since he didn’t do it the entire trip. We talked it up before we got there but I forgot we don’t really ride it when we stay at a park resort. They need to update them a bit, they smelled like piss.

Kristen and I wanted to take it to Contemporary, get some cupcakes and then head back. Of course, Connor fell asleep right before we got on the monorail but we were determined for cupcakes so we made the trip anyway. Cupcakes were good but took awhile to get back to Magic Kingdom, only to take the bus back to our resort. We had to do security again the Contemporary since you have to there, so that was a bit annoying and then the monorail felt like it was taking it’s time to go back around. Connor was sleeping the entire time this was all happening too. Oh well.

We rested up, swam a little and then headed back out for our final night. We wanted to grab some good at Food & Wine in Epcot, and Connor could say goodbye to the mini-trains in Germany. Those damn mini-trains. He was having a bit of a tantrum about the food and wanted grill cheese while were waiting on line at Brazil. A nice lady there gave us free bread and cheese for him, even though we didn’t order that. It wouldn’t be the first time we would be treated very nicely by cast members that night. We saw the trains, got some ice cream or something and then we decided to walk back to France area so we could take the Skyliners.

I wanted to try it out at least and see how convenient it was from getting there to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The line wasn’t too crazy and we maybe waited 3 minutes to get on the first one and head towards the hub at Caribbean Beach resort. Then we had to get out and go towards DHS. Bit of a pain but still easier than leaving the park and taking a bus. Lucky for us, the next night is when the incident happened and a lot of people got stuck on the Skyliners for over 3 hours. I didn’t mind the Skyliners but my wife was losing it and didn’t like it at all. We went during sunset but could imagine it getting hot in there during the day since it’s not air conditioned. The Skyliners with decals on make it kind of dumb, where you can’t really see too well outside. I mean it’s Florida, there’s nothing to see but swamps but still, would have been nice being in a Skyliner without decals. But whatever, we made it okay to DHS and got to the park before a massive group of people got there too. We decided to do Galaxy’s Edge one last time first, and just loved seeing the stormtroopers again.

We tried to take advantage of the Disney PhotoPass and get more pictures taken. We walked through the market again, I tried the Ronto Wrap this time and liked it, but felt like it was too spicy for my liking. I got Blue Milk again, which I loved. Still think it’s slightly overpriced but we ended up getting the milks 3 times for the trip. I didn’t do Smuggler’s Run again sadly, which I think we were more concerned with Connor being on it again than anything. We just wanted to slow our roll and take our time in Batuu. Rise of the Resistance is supposed to be the better ride so can’t wait to ride that. Plus, I really think Galaxy’s Edge needs robots, aliens and other characters walking around. It’s too far and in between right now. So we left Galaxy’s Edge and headed out to Toy Story Land. We had a Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania so we used that, and I saw there was an hour wait for Slinky Dog Dash. Connor was having a full-on meltdown and wanted to go on it, I said no I’m not waiting an hour for it. We tried to take him on Alien Saucer, he was being, a bit unruly and I was ready to leave the park. We tried to go on Alien Saucer again and 2 very nice cast members saw that he was having a meltdown and looked sad. I said well he wants to go on Slinky Dog Dash but it’s an hour wait. They said oh, well “Andy doesn’t like to see his toys upset so here’s some Fast Passes.” We were so gracious and happy, and I said I’ll be tweeting this later so it’s always nice to praise the cast members who give guests some “extra magic.” I love Slinky Dog Dash, probably my favorite coaster at Disney now.

So after that, Connor was still being a bit of a pain but we needed to go to Star Wars Launch Bay to get some stuff, so I decided to take Connor to meet BB-8 before we left. He loved that and we also got more pictures with Chewie again, since Connor was asleep the last time. I thought it was a perfect way to end our vacation with getting pictures of those two. It was a long day but we managed to do so much stuff on this vacation.

I didn’t think we’d be able to do half the stuff we did with a 4 year old but he managed to do so many rides. Figures the thing that made him vomit (he gets car sick a lot, or did – knock on wood) was the airplane ride home the next morning. We forgot to put his Sea Bands on him, doh! Still, was soooo great to be back at Walt Disney World and I loved going to the parks when I was younger. It’s extra special now that I’m a parent and seeing that joy in his face as he’s experiencing that stuff for the first time. Can’t wait to go back!

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