Walt Disney World Vacation: Day 4 (Epcot) October 2nd 2019 (40)

Walt Disney World Vacation: Day 4 (Epcot) – 10.2.19

November 1, 2019 | Travel Photography

Day 4 of your Walt Disney World trip was entirely at Epcot, which might sound silly to others but there’s certainly enough to do there since the Food & Wine Festival was happening there. a 4 year old might get bored but at least we didn’t mind the stuff there even though the park is going renovations.

We slept in a little bit since we were out the night before for the Halloween party at Magic Kingdom. Epcot didn’t open until 9, so you aim to get there like 45 minutes before hand. Since we already did Soarin’ and Spaceship Earth on Monday night, so we didn’t need to do them again. Since the lines can be crazy for the Frozen ride, we did that first and rope dropped it. I don’t like Frozen, in fact I hate the song and don’t care for Idina Menzel’s singing at all either. Thankfully the wait for just 5 minutes and the ride wasn’t long either. I’ll be honest, I wish it was still Maelstrom but I can see why they changed it to that though. It’s still the same ride pretty much, except with the annoying song now.

After that, we had a Fast Pass for Seas which you never really need but with the Fast Pass system, you have to pick something so that’s what I did. Connor loved that since it’s an Aquarium, and has Nemo stuff in it. We did that for a good hour or so. Then did Turtle Talk with Crush, which Connor enjoyed as well and wasn’t that bad for the parents either. After that, we had to trek back to Test Track since we had a Fast Pass for that at 11-ish. I didn’t plan out the walking too well and we kept going back and forth from side to side. Epcot is a lot bigger than Magic Kingdom so have to take that into account.

Kristen didn’t want to do Test Track so I brought Connor on it. We had fun building the car, which wasn’t there the last time I did Test Track. Then it was time for the ride. I forgot to hold onto Connor good in the beginning and he got whipped around a little when the car was being “tested.” After that I held onto him good and I’m not sure how he handled that one. It was hard to tell since you are in a dark ride and then go outside and it’s super bright out. He looked a little traumatized with that but at least he did it and didn’t cry or anything. It’s just a fast ride. We took some pictures by the cars after getting off the ride and then met up with Kristen.

Then it was back to the other side to The Land. I haven’t done The Land in ages, but I guess it’s slightly updated? I remember when there was a person on the boat with you and telling things to you. Now there’s just a voice narrating thing on the boat. I actually liked the ride, maybe since i’m older now? After The Land, we were starving so we headed up to the World Showcase (again – bad planning and lots of criss-crossing). We wanted to try a few things at Food & Wine. We went towards Mexico way and got some food at The Alps, had a pastry in Norway, then got some delicious Schinkennudeln in Germany and then I got gelato sandwich in Italy. Meanwhile, we were back the mini-trains again in Germany so Connor can watch them. I think we must have been at these damn trains for over an hour and half for the trip.

By this point, we went back to the room to relax, swim and get ready to back to Epcot for dinner, World Showcase, Food & Wine Festival and the new, temporary Epcot Forever show. I wanted to do Journey Into Imagination but heard it’s not as good as I remember so I never got a chance to go on the ride. We had to rush to get to our dinner reservations at Chefs De France. What’s the deal with the slow ass Epcot security lines? I felt like every line we picked, it was terribly slow. One guard was Mr. Friendly and chatting with everyone as he went through every pocket of your bags, etc. Just check the shit and move on. We found going to younger guys sometimes they went quicker. The food at Chefs De France was good, of course Connor wanted Mac n Cheese and was being a pain in the ass during the meal. He’s usually good during meals but he wasn’t having it that night.

After Dinner, we walked around the World Showcase, played in Japan a little. I walked by Sugar Ray playing the only song I really like, which was “When It’s Over” so I stopped to watch that. I love walking around Epcot and the parks at night. It’s seriously the best time to go to the parks. Of course we ended up at those damn mini-trains again in Germany. Then we watched the new, thankfully temporary firework show at Epcot. Epcot Forever was incredibly weak compared to Illuminations and every other fireworks event at the parks. It pretty much felt like Disney cutting corners and trying to save money with this as they bring in the new show. I was pretty bored with it and wanted to leave halfway through it. I even overheard some dude talking on the phone or live vlogging or something saying how everyone involved with this should be fired, blah blah blah. Wasn’t happy. Hopefully the new Epcot show is a lot better than this.

Epcot is going through some much needed changes now and can’t wait to see what the park looks like in 2 years. It may not be a good time to go to Epcot in the next 2 years but I’m excited to try the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, try out that Moana walk-though water park thing, the Mary Poppins attraction in the UK, the Ratatouille ride in France, updated Spaceship Earth and more!

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