Pilfers @ Radicsfest, Gramercy Theatre, NYC - 7.19.19 (37)

Pilfers @ Radicsfest, Gramercy Theatre, NYC – 7.19.19

July 27, 2019 | Concert Photography

Pilfers headlined Radicsfest on July 19th, 2019. You can read my full review of the show at ReadJunk.com.

I’ve seen Pilfers probably the most of any band and just love shooting photos of them. Sometimes photos turn out better than others. The Gramercy stage is big and wide so it’s hard to get all the members of the band in the same shot without a super wide lens, which I had to use more for the Pilfers. Coolie likes to go into the crowd a lot too so you have to prepare to get shots of him in there too. Anna was in the background most of the night so I had to use a telephoto lens to capture her. I love when Nick always comes up to the front of the stage for the photographers. Not too much in terms of jumping this time, maybe one or two okay shots when they were playing “Yakuza.”

Not sure what it was, but lighting wasn’t as great as other sets for Pilfers. The club also was really hazy by this point so it was hard to get clear shots at times. Still, can’t complain too much when you get All Access and can shoot all night long. This show that I’ve been apart of since January was a blast to shoot. Thanks all the bands and Live Nation.

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