Mat Kearney @ Playstation Theater, NYC - 3.15.18 (44)

Mat Kearney @ Playstation Theater, NYC – 3.15.18

March 18, 2018 | Concert Photography

Mat Kearney played Playstation Theater on March 15th in NYC and he was awesome! You can read my full review over at

This was the first time seeing and shooting Mat Kearney, even though I’ve been a fan for about 10 years. There weren’t too many photographers there and I was lucky enough to get a pass myself. There were 2 other photographers in the pit using prisms to get these effects, I guess? I’ve never seen that before and curious to see how the photos came out. I guess it’s big with the younger crowd…I’m old haha. I’d rather just get a crisp shot that is in focus, not too dark and looks great in a natural way but that’s just me.

The lighting was great for his set, and definitely made some of his photos even better because of it. He moved around a little bit in the beginning, then played the acoustic guitar for some of the songs. He moved around here and there. Of course, at one point he was looking at me, probably singing along and posed for me and the shot was out of focus. Hate when that happens.

For this set, I used just my 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 lenses. I didn’t feel like switching out my lenses during or between songs too much. I did use my 70-200 in the back in the seating towards the end. I wish I got a shot of Mat singing in the crowd for the encore but I didn’t have a great view of it.

Mat was a blast to shoot and hope to see & photograph his show again!

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