The Far East @ Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY - 12.29.16 (6)

The Far East @ Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY – 12.29.16

January 2, 2017 | Concert Photography

The Far East played before The Skints at the Knitting Factory the other night in Brooklyn. You can read my full review over at if you want.

Just like Rude Boy George’s set, The Far East’s set was filled with red back lighting and no front lighting. So all of these photos are black & white. Plus, I was socializing a bit between sets so I lost my spot up front. I still managed to get some shots from afar, even though I didn’t bring my telephoto lens with me this time. It’s shows like this where it’s sold out, that I don’t mind if there was a photo pit or not…or I was taller.

For this set, I shot with the 24-70mm f2.8 lens and shot around ISO 3200-5000 to compensate for the terrible dark lighting. Thankfully the lighting for better for The Skints.

The Full Gallery Set

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