The Levellers @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC - 9.26.16 (46)

The Levellers @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC – 9.26.16

September 30, 2016 | Concert Photography

Night 2 of the Levellers, this time at Bowery Ballroom in NYC! As a diehard fan of the band, couldn’t be happier that they decided to play twice in the area. Not only was it great to see them twice but also to take photos of their shows twice! Read my full review at

Like I said with Casey Neill’s full gallery set, the lighting was ten times better at Bowery Ballroom. It was just brighter, more vibrant and I only had to shoot around ISO 2500-3200. Sometimes I went up to ISO 4000 if it was certain song with certain color scheme. With the Levellers, they usually have erratic lighting and tough to capture the band at times. Sometimes the back lighting was so powerful, I just tried to take a bunch of photos of hoping to get something that looks good.

I had to stay in the same spot for most of the set. I also kind of got the spot I was in for the previous show. There were people right in the middle of the stage area and on the right so I stuck with the left side. Thankfully Jon and Jeremy switched spots here and there so I could get other members. It was tougher to get photos of Charlie drumming in the background for this show though. But overall, I like these photos better because the lighting was better.

Let’s hope I get to photograph my favorite band again soon!

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