Steel Pulse @ B.B King Blues Club, NYC (34)

Steel Pulse @ B.B King Blues Club, NYC

August 8, 2015 | Concert Photography

Steel Pulse played B.B King Blues Club on Thursday night to a packed house. It was the first time seeing the reggae band and I hope I get to see them perform, preferably with a photo pit next time.

I went into the show a little more depth over at if you want to read that.

The set started out a bit rough to say the least for me. I tried to shoot in the crowd but tall Rastas with big hats stood in front of me, so I had to work around them. I hate being short for no photo pit shows. By the second or third song, some dickhead decided to stumble into my spot and stay there. Then proceeded to look back and get pissed off that I was taking pictures in my spot. I told him this is my spot and you came into it, what do you expect? He continued to be an asshole and I thought things were going to escalate if I stayed around him so I tried to move.

That didn’t work out since I was in the way of other people so I eventually made my way towards the back. I eventually got a spot on the steps and was able to shoot the rest of the show from there. It’s been awhile since I shot a show where I wanted to leave after the first song the band was playing. I’m glad I stuck around to watch Steel Pulse since I never saw them perform. All the bullshit aside, Steel Pulse put on a hell of a show!

For Steel Pulse set, I shot around IDO 3200-4000 and used the 24-70mm f2.8 when I as up close. I used the 70-200mm f2.8 when I was in the back of the club.

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