Street Dogs @ Webster Hall, NYC - 7.15.15 (16)

Street Dogs @ Webster Hall, NYC – 7.15.15

July 17, 2015 | Concert Photography

Street Dogs played before the Mighty Mighty Bosstones on Wednesday night at Webster Hall in NYC. They always put on an awesome set and definitely a band you need to shoot at least once in your life.

Mike McColgan always gives me jump shots, everytime I have shot the band. It’s been only 3 times but so far I’m 3 for 3! Besides the jump shots, he’s always pointing and singing to the crowd so it makes for some killer photographs. Believe it or not, I never saw Street Dogs in a club setting before since the only times I saw them was on the Warped Tour. Thankfully there was a photo pit because I doubt I would have gotten the shots I did.

The lighting was better for Street Dogs than The Interrupters. Good thing because since the band moves around a lot, I would have gotten shots all blurry and “artsy” if the lighting was shit. After the 3 songs, I managed to get some notable pictures of Mike standing on the crowd and it worked out just right. I was on the side of the club and people were standing in front me, so Mike stood up between two people and it worked out well.

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