Rude Boy George @ Fontana's, NYC - 4.25.15 (29)

Rude Boy George @ Fontana’s, NYC – 4.25.15

April 27, 2015 | Concert Photography

Rude Boy George are quickly becoming the band I photograph the most these days. They are certainly giving Carbon Leaf a run for their money. It helps that I’m friends with the band and they are just quite fun to see live. I like ska music, I like 80s music…what’s not to love?

Like the other sets at this Fontana’s show, I used my flash throughout the show. I’d take a picture, continue dancing and singing along. I used the 24-70mm f2.8 lens throughout the show, used the flash, shot at around ISO 1250-1600 and at f2.8.

Rude Boy George recorded a new cover for the upcoming Specialized, this time of The Clash’s “Magnificent Seven.” The band always turns the original songs into their own and something different. If you haven’t heard their Confessions full-length, be sure to pick that up too!

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