Pete Porker with The Pandemics @ Characters, NYC - 1.3.15 (25)

Pete Porker with The Pandemics @ Characters, NYC – 1.3.15

January 4, 2015 | Concert Photography

The last time I saw Pete Cooper (a.k.a Pete Porker of Australia ska band the Porkers), it was in 1999 when The Porkers opened for Laurel Aitken at the Wetlands in NYC (Allstonians also played I believe). He’s been my pen pal, so to speak, since those early days of Ska Punk and Other Junk. When we found out that he was going to the US for a vacation in December & January, Chris Malone of the Pandemics, organized it so he could play Porkers songs with his band for 2 nights. One show in Long Island and another one in NYC. I, of course, encouraged it and happy everything came together.

In the beginning, The Pandemics played a few songs of their own, had one of their old members play a song with them, and them Pete came up to play the rest of the set with them. The band sounded tight and it was highly enjoyable! I was shooting, dancing, and singing along, as you can tell from the videos I filmed below.

They played songs like “Earthquakin,” “Chemical Imbalance,” “Skankin Carpark Blues,” “Swinging Like Tiger Woods,” “Enter Porkman,” “Alcohol,” “Too Big For Your Boots,” “Big Backyard” and “Going Off.” They decided to do one more song at the end, which was a cover of The Special’s “Nite Klub.” Carmelo of Beat Brigade jumped up and was dancing and singing with the band as well.

Photography wise, I just tried to stay in the middle of the room while singing and dancing along. There were so many photographers up front that I felt bad we were hogging all the room for dancing so I started to dance. Plus, I just wanted to because I haven’t heard these songs in a long ass time live. I used my flash for most of the set with the lens I used for the previous sets. Some of the photos could have been better but whatever, I was having fun and I got some memories in picture & video form.

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