Thanksgiving Weekend At The Farm 2014 (50)

Thanksgiving Weekend At The Farm 2014

December 1, 2014 | Day Trips

Just like previous years, I travel up to St Johnsville, NY for some post-Thanksgiving fun at my grandparents’ old farm house (now my Uncles & Aunts getaway home). It was a bit snowier than previous years but was certainly was a pretty drive up there! My brother was driving up this time so I got to take some shots in the passenger side, which was certainly a nice change.

My family got new quads so that was fun playing around in the woods with those things. There was over a foot of snow up there in the Adirondack Mountains but thankfully the quads had 4-wheel drive. Was still tricky driving in the snow at times though. Especially when you’re trying to drive with a camera around your neck. It was windy sometimes so all this snow would come falling down right on my camera and into my face. It was a bit of a pain but still, a lot of fun driving around and shooting for the day.

Besides driving around, I also made a bunch of wood deer for co-workers and one for myself. There wouldn’t be a post-Thanksgiving without some leftover food too. I loved it but my stomach is regretting it.

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