Mini-Vacation to my Parents @ Venice, Florida - 2.22.14 - 2.25.14 (8)

Mini-Vacation to my Parents @ Venice, Florida – 2.22.14 – 2.25.14

February 27, 2014 | Other Photography

Just got back from a quick trip to my parents house in Venice, Florida. My twin brother Matt and I spent a few days down there and it was great. It was nice seeing the ‘rents and escaping the snow for a few days. While the sun wasn’t always out, I was still taking pictures when the opportunity presented itself.

My brother and I always enjoy taking sunset pictures but it proved to be difficult the few days we were down there. The first night it was completely foggy out, the next night was better and the sun popped out at the last minute and the last night the sun was out and then hid behind the clouds. I’m not complaining though because the weather was still nice and I still scored some nice pics.

Besides the sunsets, I got some cool shots of the rookeries in the town. One right by my parents house in Venice and then went to the Venice Rookery by the Venice Audubon Society. Trying to take bird shots felt like concert photography in a way. You just wait until the birds fly around or do something. I just wish I had a massive telephoto lens for this type of photography. The 70-200mm f2.8 did okay when it was on DX mode though.

You can see a few more pictures over at my Instagram account.

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