NOFX @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 11.30.13 (20)

NOFX @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 11.30.13

December 3, 2013 | Concert Photography

NOFX could be one of my favorite punk bands to photograph! I try to shoot their show every time they are in town and I think I got some of the best photos I got of the band. If you want a longer review, head over to!

Every time I photograph NOFX at Irving Plaza, they always have the best lighting! It’s so bright and it’s some of the best lighting I’ve ever seen at Irving Plaza, which usually has shitty lighting. Take note Irving, you just need some white front lighting and you’re all set! I also like photographing the band because they are so iconic and also jump a lot! I managed to get quite a few of Eric Melvin jumping. If you ever get the chance to photograph NOFX, do it!

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