Italy Vacation - Day 11: Florence - 9.19.13 (9)

Italy Vacation 2013: Parts 1-4

October 20, 2013 | Videos

When I went to Italy on vacation with my wife for 2 weeks, I didn’t just take a ton of photos. I took video with my Nikon D800 as well and while it’s great looking at photographs, it certainly is fun to look back at video besides the photos. I managed to make 4 parts to our vacation, set to various music (which I hope I don’t get sued for haha). For each video, the style is similar but each one offers up something a little bit different.

Part 1 of the series is all of Rome. I didn’t take as much video in Rome as I did in the other cities. I don’t know why that is but maybe just forgot to take video in the beginning of the trip. For this video, I thought Thomas Newman’s score piece “Dirty Money” from Road To Perdition was a good track to use. Many of the sights included in this video include The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and other spots.

Part 2 is of Venice (and Burano and Murano too), and as you can tell by the video; Venice was my favorite part of the trip! Every street, alley, bridge, canal was a sight to be seen in person! I picked the track “Forbidden Friendship” from How To Train Your Dragon by John Powell for the music. I duplicated the song twice but you hardly really notice it because the track works that way.

Part 3 is from our time in Florence. It’s a little longer than the other videos since we stayed in Florence the most. Before I even went to Italy, I knew I was going to be use some pieces from Rossini. Since he’s buried in Florence, I figured this would be a good video to use his works.

The last part of the series is our day trips out to Tuscany and Cinque Terre. I wish I had more footage of Cinque Terre but if you read my blog about it, you’ll understand why there’s less footage than the other stuff. Sigh…but anyway, I decided to have a bit of fun trying to find some different music for this video and picked 2 ska songs. One is from Italian ska band Fahrenheit 451 playing “Volare” and the next is from Bad Manners playing “Buona Sera.”

All the videos are handheld, and I used the warp stabilizer feature in Adobe Premiere Pro to fix a lot of the shakiness. Sometimes it works really well, sometimes not so much. I used the 24-70mm f2.8 lens for the majority of the footage but a few times I used my brother’s super-wide angle lens 12-24mm lens. I wish I could have brought a tripod but I did have a monopod that I used here and there. Of course you wish you always had more time to film things and take your time, but when it comes to my vacations; everything is run and gun basically. Anyway, hoped you enjoyed all the videos!

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