Recent Band Portraits and Candids (17)

Recent Band Portraits and Candids

September 2, 2013 | Portraits

Over the Spring and Summer, I had the chance to film some bands for Before The Concert and managed to take some quick portraits of the bands. It was a lot of fun and been meaning to do a post on portraits but been busy of late.

One set of photos was just Rude Boy George asking me to take some photos before they played at Characters for the first time, and most of these you’ve seen before. Some photos were just of the bands in the locations, others were candids with myself or my wife Kristen. One thing I like about filming bands for the video site is getting to know each band or musician a little bit, and getting something unique & exclusive. Whereas if I just shot a show of the band’s performance, a bunch of other photographers would get similar shots. So I’m trying something new lately with BTC and taking some behind the scenes and portraits of bands. I’d rather do this type of style than in some studio anyway. I’m sure I’ll have more in the future when Before The Concert comes back from break (aka me not being lazy and back from vacation).

Photos are below…

Rude Boy George

I really like the “real” shot of the band, but the shots of them goofing are just as fun as well.

Justin Sane of Anti-Flag

These shots are from Kristen, since I was in the shots. My wife did good with capturing the moment of filming Justin Sane.

The Trophy Fire

I think I got some quality band shots of the The Trophy Fire…as well as some funny ones of the band, and then shots of Kristen and I with the band. If I can get shots like this for every video I shoot, I’d be a happy guy!

Trapper Schoepp

I didn’t have much time with Trapper Schoepp but I asked to take some quick shots of him before he left to go play City Winery. 3 photos but I really, really like these shots. Hey they could be used for promo or poster work ya know 🙂

Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!

A few shots by me but mostly taken by Howi’s publicist Becky. I look like a midget next to Howi haha.

Carbon Leaf

Kristen took a few shots of Carbon Leaf playing in the winery side room at City Winery. Figures when I get a group shot of one of my favorite bands, I’m too busy making jokes and laughing in the photos. But it’s these type of photos that I look back at and laugh.

The Entire Gallery

Buy Prints/ License Photos

Prints in this set are available for purchase! You’ll certainly help me out if you bought a print or two! They make lovely gifts. Just Let me know which photo(s) you’re interested in (please provide alt tag or #) and I’ll give you a quote. Photos are also available for licensing to your website, magazine, facebook page, etc. as well.

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