Summer In NYC

Summer in NYC

August 27, 2013 | Videos

Every summer, my wife Kristen and I just love walking around New York City and being outside. I decided to make a little fun video of the sights and me goofing off, which you can watch below.

The video was filmed over a few days throughout the summer. I wanted to use a fun Gypsy jazz song, which I found a great one by Fernando Jazz Gang. Hopefully they don’t mind. But anyway, we ventured up to Levain Bakery first and grabbed those amazing cookies they make, then headed to Central Park. We strolled along the big lake/reservoir where we shot our engagement photos 2 years ago. It’s always a nice time strolling around that area. We slowly made our way down Central Park to the big lawn where everyone was laying out in the sun, playing football, etc. I decided to make a cheesy clip of Kristen pretending to hold my hands as we spin together. Cheesy and lame done on purpose and the sounds of “Dream Weaver” help that out.

Further down the park we saw a guy dressed as Big Bird about to get into his pickup truck; I could’t help myself and had to film it. Later that day, we took the subway down to Battery Park and walked along there. Such a nice spot down there and is directly across from where we live in Jersey City.

Summer time wouldn’t be complete to at least one trip to Shake Shack, thankfully the line wasn’t crazy long like it has been in the past. Maybe everyone was at the Cronuts line? On another day, we went to Brooklyn to film the band The Trophy Fire for Before The Concert, but before that we walked in the heat through the Brooklyn Flea. I wish I was somewhere else to be honest. I did see Mike Ness walk right by me so that was assuming. I just really don’t like Brooklyn, at least the experiences I’ve had going there so far.

The final part of the video we hung out in Washington Square park, which is always nice to hang and chill. Listen to the guy playing the grand piano, play in the fountain or just people watch. That guy drags that piano out there everyday! I’m sure he gets harassed by the police a lot. Damn people and there loud..classical music!

I hoped you enjoyed the video! I’ll have more soon since I’ll be going to Italy for 2 weeks in September. Ciao!

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