Roddy Radiation & Lynval Golding @ Characters, NYC - 7.19.13 (12)

Roddy Radiation & Lynval Golding @ Characters, NYC – 7.19.13

July 20, 2013 | Concert Photography

I almost didn’t make it to this show last night but glad I did. Kristen and I went to Long Beach Island for the day since it was my 35th birthday. The day was great and we headed back early to try to make it to this show, but ran into an hour of traffic…with no AC in my car! Bit a of a nightmare ride home but I didn’t want that to end my birthday on such a shitty note. So we ended up seeing Roddy and Lynval of the Specials and The Pandemics at Characters.

Roddy Byers (a.k.a. Roddy Radiation) had a night off of touring with The Specials and played an intimate solo show at Characters on W 54st. He played his bluesy, ska rockabilly material from his other band The Skabilly Rebels. Later on he was joined by Lynval Golding who played 3 or 4 Specials songs with him. Lynval said they never played “acoustic” stuff together so it was a first. More like stripped-down than acoustic since things were plugged in. Roddy joked saying it was going to be unplugged and pretended to yank out his chord from the guitar. Either way it was interesting and quite fun! It’s not everyday you get to hear some Specials songs by some of the members of the band in a small club. It felt like a secret show to me, but everyone who wasn’t there just missed out.

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