What's Your Problem Brian @ Apple Stomp: Day 1, Irving Plaza, NYC - 5.31.13 (7)

What’s Your Problem Brian @ Apple Stomp: Day 1, Irving Plaza, NYC – 5.31.13

June 5, 2013 | Concert Photography

What’s Your Problem Brian have come back from the ska casket and played second during Apple Stomp’s Day 1 show. Their set was enjoyable musically and photography-wise.

For more extensive review of the Apple Stomp, read my reviews of Day 1 and Day 2.

I never photographed What’s Your Problem Brian from the many times I saw them live at the Chance. Or I have I? I don’t remember, the photos aren’t on here so I guess not. I liked taking photos of their singer Andrea and their drummer Mike. I usually tend to focus on the singer, but she was very expressive when she sang. With Mike, I remember when he used to make faces behind the drum, but I’m glad I captured him doing some of that. Looks like he’s a fan of Michael Jordan in one of the photos.

The lighting for WYPB was better than The Fad. I liked when Irving Plaza used the blue lighting and the yellow lighting or the combo of the two. Whenever there is red or purple/reds, I just dread it. But with that said, still happy with these pics!

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