Rude Boy George @ Electric Avenue, Characters, NYC - 4.13.13 (28)

Rude Boy George @ Electric Avenue, Characters, NYC – 4.13.13

April 14, 2013 | Concert Photography

The latest Electric Avenue show at Characters (W 54st) was last night. For those that don’t know, Steve Shafer of Duff Guide to Ska and Marc Wasserman of Bigger Thomas/Marco on the Bass have started a monthly ska show Electric Avenue at Characters in midtown. Always a good time! The opening band was Rude Boy George, an ’80s new wave cover ska/rocksteady band featuring members of Bigger Thomas, The Toasters, Across The Aisle and Duff Guide to Ska’s Steve Shafer. This was RBG’s very first show too! If you’re a fan of 80s and ska/reggae, you’ll love this band!

Before the show started, the band wanted me to take some quick portraits since they didn’t really have any. I gathered them up on the couch/table area in the corner of the room and got some good shots. Then the show was off and thought the band did an excellent job! They were fun and the crowd was into it: singing along and dancing. They did ska/rocksteady versions of songs from The Smiths, Billy Idol, The Romantics, INXS, and The Human League. I know this might not come off as a compliment but the band would be a fun wedding band! Hell, I wish I had them play my wedding haha.

For Characters, it’s pretty dark so I switched from using a flash to shooting around ISO 6400. Sometimes the light that is being used comes across as cool so I like using both. Plus, I don’t like to snap away and annoy people (even though it appears I do). That’s about it in terms of photography.

If you want to see Rude Boy George, they will be playing the pre-show of Apple Stomp the Thursday night before the festival starts at Irving Plaza.

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