The Mahones @ Terminal 5, NYC - 3.12.13 (12)

The Mahones @ Terminal 5, NYC – 3.12.13

March 13, 2013 | Concert Photography

I’ve been a fan of The Mahones for over 12 years I would imagine but this was actually the first time I saw them perform live. Between Finny McConnell and his wife, Katie, they are just an extremely fun band to photograph!

I originally was suppose to get a pass through Dropkick Murphys but things fell through last minute (overbooked guestlist apparently), and I was shit out of luck. Luckily, I’m friends with Finny of The Mahones and he hooked me up with a ticket and pass. Although, I almost didn’t make it to their set either since I didn’t get confirmation I was on the list until an hour and 15 minutes before their set! I live in Jersey City, and the show was at Terminal 5, in one of the worst locations to have a show. It’s okay if you drive into the city, but it sucks bigtime if you try to take the subway. It literally takes an hour to get there via walking and subway.

So I hustled to the PATH, then to the R train from World Trade Center. I was cutting it close because the trains were late or I just missed them. I got up to 57th street/7th Ave and got a cab since the club was 4 or 5 Avenues away. I didn’t have that time. Of course the traffic sucked and made me realized I didn’t miss driving in the city. I decided to get out at 10th ave and walk the rest with maybe 5-10 minutes to spare. I got my tickets but my photo pass wasn’t at the merch table like Finny told me, so their awesome merch person gave me their ALL ACCESS pass to use! I don’t usually get all access so I was shocked, and very happy! I still feel weird being in the pit while no one else is there so I only stayed for 4 or 5 songs. I know I know, I should have taken advantage of it more.

I’ve seen photos of Katie, the accordion player, in the past so I knew she was going to be a great person to photograph. She’s really active with her hair whipping about and moving so it’s tough to get her in focus at times. I just snapped away and hoped for the best. She bends backwards which I was hoping to capture and I think I got a couple of that. By the way, how does she do that without falling over? My back is going out just looking at that haha. Finny likes to ham it up for the cameras too, which is great. At one point during the 4th song, Finny recognized me in the pit and brought his guitar right near my camera. I held down my shutter and got an awesome 4-still animation out of it!

I really hope I get to see the Mahones again because they were a blast to photograph!

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