The Alternate Routes @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC - 3.8.13 (40)

The Alternate Routes @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC – 3.8.13

March 9, 2013 | Concert Photography

The Alternate Routes rocked Rockwood Music Hall last night in New York City. It’s been 2 years since last seeing the band, and this time was a full band performance! The packed club enjoyed their set and so did I!

Before their set, I was hanging with Tim and Eric and trying to film a session for Before The Concert. With most shows, things were chaotic and crazy but I managed to film some songs with Tim inside their van and dressing room since it was too damn windy outside. After that, they played for an hour and it was sadly, a quick hour. Everyone was shouting for an encore but the way that Rockwood shows are setup, there’s really no room for that I suppose. The band played songs like “Toe The Line” (My request), “The Future’s Nothing New,” “Carry Me Home,” “Tell Me Your Name,” and some new ones that sounded pretty damn good!

For this set, I shot around ISO 4000-6400, f2.8 (70-200mm, 24-70mm lenses) and 1/100- 1/160. At times it was dark, and other times it was efficient lighting but I think the photos came out decent enough. I tried to just stay in one spot for the most part; but at one point, I wanted some other angles so I went over where Eric was playing and got some shots from that perspective. If you ever get the chance to see Alternate Routes, do yourself a favor and check them out! If you aren’t a fan in the beginning, you will be by the end of their set!

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