Fun in the Snow & Time Lapse during “Nemo” Blizzard

February 9, 2013 | Videos

Yesterday the “Nemo” blizzard showed up and I decided to try out some more time lapse videos. I filmed several time lapse videos over the course of the afternoon and night from my apartment window, and I also filmed lots of clips from walking around my neighborhood in Jersey City.

Thankfully, we didn’t lose power and nothing out of the ordinary really happened. I guess that can’t be said for Long Island, CT, RI, and MA. Throughout the afternoon, I tried to film one continuous time lapse but since I don’t have a battery grip, the batteries died quickly. Plus, with the light changing to night; that also screws up my exposures as well. I’m not sure how it works when you try to do a time lapse from day to night. So I stopped the video, changed batteries and changed different angles at that point. Originally, I wanted to put the time lapse video and the video I shot today together but just didn’t fit together. So I separated them.

After my wife Kristen and I woke up, we ate some breakfast and then went out to cure our cabin fever. We walked around the neighborhood and played in the snow. It wasn’t too windy and had beautiful blue skies so it was nice to walk around. I love shooting around my neighborhood but I also love filming & hanging out with my wife on the weekends too.

Enjoy the videos!

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