Christmas at The Rumpfs 2012

Christmas At The Rumpfs

December 23, 2012 | Videos

Well it’s been awhile but I finally made another non-Before The Concert video. I wanted to film my families’ crazy Christmas party plus I really wanted to try out my brand spanking new camera, The Nikon D800!

Every year, my family and others gather together for an afternoon of fun and craziness, so I wanted to film it this year. I usually just take pictures, which I did, but this time I filmed as well. Now, I was going to film with my video camera but figured since I literally just got the D800 on Friday, might as well film with that. I didn’t have any external mics on my camera since I knew the video was going to have music over it. As soon as I heard the music, I thought it was perfect for my family. Has a nice cartoony Christmas feel to it, which it should since it’s from Rudolph.

First impressions of the Nikon D800 is basically that the camera is awesome! I had (and have as a backup now) the Nikon D300 so this is obviously a step up since the camera is full frame, 36mp, better in low light and does video! I’m still getting used to the video part but think I did a decent job without a tripod or any type of rig. I think at some point I’d like to get a rig with a follow-focus or something along those lines. I’ll need an external mic at some point too. I’m still going to use my other video camera but if I see I’m using the D800 more, I might eventually sell it. We’ll see. I shot most of this video at ISO 2500 since it was dark inside and I could see barely any grain. I can’t wait to shoot a show with this camera!

I was worried about how fast it might not be or the file sizes but frankly, I thought it was fine. The file sizes are around 46mb per file which I thought they might be around 100mb so I’m glad it’s lower than I thought. When I took pictures, the camera seemed fine. It’s just really nice being able to do both video and pictures in one camera. Can’t wait to film & shoot more!

But anyway, enjoy the christmas video!

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