Step 2 Far @ Star of the Palm Beach, NYC - 10.26.12 (5)

Step 2 Far @ Star of the Palm Beach, NYC – 10.26.12

October 27, 2012 | Concert Photography

Step 2 Far opened up for Mephiskapheles and Inspecter 7 on the Rocks Off Concert Cruise (Star of the Palm Beach) at Pier 40 in NYC. It was a packed boat and interesting to shoot, but a little frustrating.

My full review of the show is over at if you wanted to read that.

This show was a bitch to shoot! Not so much for this set since it was still wide open a little bit up front. There was some moshing in the beginning but nothing to serious. There was just some people right in front blocking my view since I’m the size of a hobbit. So I snapped a few shots and then headed to the back where my wife was. It was nice there too because we have the nice of views of NYC, and other cities on the Hudson.

The lighting was very dim so shooting a show on the cruises, you definitely need a speed light. I shot this show using the 24-70mm f2.8 lens but I could have used a wider lens than that. Oh well.

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