The Push Stars @ Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, Hoboken NJ - 9.30.12 (23)

The Push Stars @ Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, Hoboken NJ – 9.30.12

October 1, 2012 | Concert Photography

I wasn’t suppose to see The Push Stars in Hoboken Sunday afternoon, but some plans fell through so I figured I might as well see The Push Stars again since they were just playing right up the road from me. They played the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival and played a little under an hour or so.

The band opened up with “Counting the Minutes” and then played songs like “Me,” “Any Little Town,” “Shy” and “Everything Shines.” There was a bit of irony that afternoon since when the band played “Everything Shines,” it started to lightly rain for a few minutes. But thankfully it wasn’t heavy like it was earlier in the day. Other songs they played that day include “Freedom,” “Meltaway,” “Keg on my Coffin,” “Waiting, Watching, Wishing,” and they ended up playing “One Summer Day.”

I wished the band played longer than they did but I knew that going in they would only play for about an hour. It was still fun seeing the band and walking up Washington Street and smelling the hodge podge of foods and seeing all the vendors. I didn’t walk the entire festival but just the first few streets of Washington. Of course, had to make a stop into Crumbs and pick up a Peanut Butter cup cupcake haha.

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