Larry and His Flask @ Webster Hall, NYC - 9.29.12 (33)

Larry and His Flask @ Webster Hall, NYC – 9.29.12

September 30, 2012 | Concert Photography

I recently just saw Larry and His Flask at Riot Fest Brooklyn in the beginning of the month. It was the first time I saw them live and their set impressed me immensely! After hanging out with the band before the concert (vidoes coming soon!), its safe to say that they played one of my favorite sets of the year for me! They are just an amazing band that’s only going to get more & more popular!

I’ll have a full review of the show over at so stay tuned for that later on today. For now, let’s just talk about the photography aspect of the set. I wedged myself into the photo pit, and even Ian of Larry and His Flask told us that must be the smallest photo pit he’s ever seen. Good job Webster Hall for continuing to torment photographers! I was toward the right part of the stage for the first song, and got lots of shots of that side, and then for the second song, moved to the center where Jamin the drummer was. Since he wasn’t my videos, at least I got some great photos of him. Of course I missed him jumping off the drum rising again. I was pissed at myself because I was too busy being a fan and clapping along. Oh well, I doubt that will be the last time I shoot them.

The lighting for this set was great, very colorful. I still had to crank the ISO to around 2000. I wish my camera was a tad better for this set because I missed a lot of Jesse, the bass player, kicking and jumping because it came out too dark or blurry. It’s tough at times to shoot bands that are this active, especially without using flash. Figures I tell the guys, give me lots of jump shots and couldn’t capture any haha. I used both the 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 around 1/60th. Slow at times, sometimes it worked out okay. I shot most of this set, part of it in the photo pit and then on the side by the amps. Thankfully nothing was coming out of those amps or else I’d be deaf today haha.

This was an amazing set and if you ever get a chance to photograph The Flask, do it! They are a photographer’s dream shoot!

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