Tom Morello @ Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Concert, Foley Square, NYC - 9.16.12 (21)

Tom Morello @ Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Concert, Foley Square, NYC – 9.16.12

September 17, 2012 | Concert Photography

I took so many photos of Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and The Nightwatchman that I needed another post. I already have a review and lots of photos of the other performances and atmosphere at Foley Square yesterday. Tom Morello headlined the Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Concert with the rest of his band.

I knew Tom would be headlining so I stood in the same spot for a few hours and think it was worth it. He played a few songs including a portion of “Guerrilla Radio. Sleep Now In The Fire” That gave me goosebumps! The photographers in the pit in front of me were acting as bouncers since some people were crowd surfing and also came into the gated area. It was tough to shoot this at times, since I wasn’t a press photographer and had a lot of them (press photographers) in the way. Most of them were nice and shot from their knees, while others and few livestreamers decided to be annoying and stand right in the way. They would get right up in front of the performers’ faces too. But there was so many cameras and video cameras there, that I’m sure just about everything was covered that day in some form.

Once Tom played a couple of songs, I moved from by spot to go in the center. Right as that happened, Tom invited people on the stage and I moved up and just stuck my camera up in air in hopes of getting shots in focus. “Hail Mary” photos galore! haha. Tom was even saying there was too many cameras and to put them down at one point. Didn’t take too long for people to start shooting again. After the performance, I headed home after being there for over 5 or 6 hours.

I love shooting these type of things, when there isn’t a lot of arresting going on. I don’t have a press badge so shooting protest would probably result in my being arrested. Yeah I don’t want that to happen haha. But then again, the NYPD like to just arrest journalists and photographers for no good reason as well. I don’t know what will happen with Occupy Wall Street but shooting stuff like this is fun, even if you don’t agree with what they are trying to do or say.

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