Bigger Thomas @ Characters, NYC - 9.15.12 (6)

Bigger Thomas @ Characters, NYC – 9.15.12

September 16, 2012 | Concert Photography

Bigger Thomas played second at Characters last night. They got the crowd up from their tables and dancing. Their set was great!

I thought the lighting was dark before, they made the room even darker when Bigger Thomas got on. I could barely see for a good ten minutes until my eyes adjusted to the low, low lighting. I guess I had to be THAT guy and take flash photography and ended up doing a “hail marys” to get a better perspective. I usually hate people who do “hail marys” but I tried not to get in people’s way when doing it. It does offer up a nice perspective of the show though.

The same with Doomsday!’s set, I wanted to give these a nice black & white look, because it reminds me of those classic punk & ska photos from the 80s and 90s. Tt was old school ska night after all! If you missed the set from Bigger Thomas, don’t worry they will be back in town before you know it!

Sorry to Beat Brigade, but I took off after this set because staying out this late is just too much for me haha.

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