Central Park @ New York, NY - 9.9.12 (30)

Central Park @ New York, NY – 9.9.12

September 10, 2012 | Other Photography

It was too nice to sit inside yesterday. Blue skies, puffy clouds, temperatures finally below 80 degrees with no humidity. My wife and I decided to trek up to Central Park in the 70s and walk around where we did an engagement session for our wedding.

We stopped at Levain Bakery, which has some of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted! Let’s just say I had 1 cookie and half a scone and that was my lunch. That cookie is very filling! We ate those in the park, and then started to walk around the lake. It didn’t help stepping in a big pile of dog crap before we started to walk. That was lovely. Every puddle I came across, I stuck my first in trying to clean off my shoe. Gross!

We never saw the Strawberry Fields/Imagine thing for John Lennon so we checked that. That proved difficult to photograph with no one in the photos since every time you tried to snap a picture, someone else would jump down and cover most of the memorial. The same can be said for the Alice in Wonderland statue in Conservatory Water. Apparently it’s meant to be climbed on, but I honestly don’t think it should be. It’s art, not a playground. I swear it’s tough to take a picture of a memorial or statue without someone near it or ON it.

After wandering around Central Park for few hours, we headed over to 3rd Ave for a street fair and then headed home.

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