San Francisco Vacation - Day 5 - 5.2.12 (16)

San Francisco Vacation – Day 5 – 5.2.12

May 12, 2012 | Travel Photography

Day 5 was the day I took the least amount of photos because it was just a day of going to some museums. That didn’t mean we didn’t do a lot though. We started off the day by getting back on the Muni bus to go back to Golden Gate Park area to the DeYoung museum. It was a decent museum with some impressive pieces.

The DeYoung is a big museum but we did that without the special exhibition in an hour. I guess that’s why the CityPass offers the DeYoung Museum and Legion of Honor in the same day. Meaning you have to do them on the same day. If the museums were so connected, perhaps they should have offered a shuttle service to the Legion of Honor? It’s a big pain in the ass to get there! From the DeYoung Museum, we took 2 buses to get there and walked a little. If I didn’t have my phone with me and was using Google Maps, I seriously wouldn’t know what the fuck I was doing. You look up on Google Maps the directions, and they tell you what the buses and transportation is looking like for that time. The 2nd bus we were on brought us to the top of the park where the museum is located.

Before we went into the Legion of Honor, we admired the views of the Golden Gate bridge and took a bunch of pictures in front of it. It was probably the best view we had of the bridge on our trip besides the ferry rides, and it was the clearest day of the trip too. I desperately wanted to play some golf while I was there since it was so scenic. Kristen and I wanted to get our picture together in front of the bridge, so we asked this old lady to do it since she was the only one around. Well, there was only one problem, the damn bridge wasn’t even in the shot! hahaha. We got the shot later after the museum and asked someone differently.

Legion of Honor is another interesting museum that you can do pretty quickly. There is a lot of Rodin stuff, which I love. It felt like being in Paris all over again because there’s an original Thinker there, as well as The Kiss and some others. I like Legion of Honor better than DeYoung surprisingly.

cable car

Later that evening, we had reservations with Allegro Romano in Nob Hill/Russian Hill. We took a cable car and had to walk up a few steep hills to get there as well. The place is very nice with a very friendly & helpful staff. They treated us very well there and had excellent food. Apparently a lot of celebs go there since there’s a bunch of photos of all of them on the wall. After dinner, we took a walk down a very steep hill to go down to Little Italy/North Beach district. Kristen was feeling very goofy after having some wine, and we were laughing down the steps for a good 15 minutes. Cars parked on the street looked like they were ready to be tipped over just by looking at them. At one point, Kristen was trying to slide down the steps haha.


We made our way onto Columbus and I see in the corner of my eye the NY Rangers game on a bunch of TVs in a bar. I immediately walk down and sit down for a diet coke and to watch some playoff hockey. I only watched two periods because I felt bad for Kristen having to sit there. I was checking the game on Twitter throughout the evening, and the game was still going on when I got back to the hotel room. This was the game Rangers won in the third overtime! I could only imagine what time it was on the east coast, woof!

Besides going into that bar to watch the game, we got some Italian pastries for the next day. We went to Sir Francis Drake hotel for a drink at Harry Denton’s. It’s at the top of the floor with some nice views; plus it was sunset time too! The guy there made a kickass “mocktail” hahaha. All in all, that’s what happened on Day 5.

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