Xmas Time in New York City: Part 1

December 16, 2011 | Videos

Kristen and I braved the New York City crowds last weekend to visit 34th Street, Rockefeller Center, Central PARK, FAO, and Columbus Circle. I decided to make a 4 minute video set to the glorious sounds of Carbon Leaf’s “Christmas Child” (buy their Xmas album here.)

Kristen wanted to take photos with my Nikon D300 while I filmed the day so she did that, I shot video. We started out by 34th street, walked by Macy’s windows. We then walked up on 6th Ave then to Bryant Park. After that we hit the beyond fucking chaotic Rockefeller Center area, where everyone is walking so slow you feel like you’re in one long line for a bad Walt Disney ride. Thankfully we avoided much of the crowd by going by NBC instead of Radio City Music Hall. For some reason, that street by Radio City is such a clusterfuck. After shooting Rockefeller and the skating rink for few minutes, we walked up 5th Ave to FAO. There’s always a huge line outside the famous toy store but the line moves quickly. Inside the store, is another thing. I didn’t last long because you just couldn’t move around. We played with the Harry Potter stuff and quickly left.

After FAO, we walked around Central Park and heard the obnoxious sounds of tourist and their misbehaving children. Good times. Our final stop was at Columbus Circle to look at he stars, use the restroom and walk around some stores. It was a fun time despite the crowds. Enjoy the video!

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