Paulus Hook Halloween Pet Parade 2011 @ Jersey City, NJ - 10.30.11 (51)

Paulus Hook Halloween Pet Parade 2011 @ Jersey City, NJ – 10.30.11

October 30, 2011 | Other Photography

It sure doesn’t feel like Halloween considering it snowed all day yesterday. Upstate NY got over a foot of snow, and Jersey City got just 2 or 3 inches of snow. Everything was cleared up by the time the Paulus Hook Halloween Pet Parade happened this afternoon. Prepare for Cuteness Overload everyone!

This is my first Halloween Pet Parade in Paulus Hook and a lot of people come out to showcase their cute puppies around in costumes. It’s just one of the many things I love about this neighborhood in Jersey City. This year, it wasn’t really a parade and just a lap or two around the local elementary school courtyard. I still wasn’t going to pass up the chance to see all these dogs dressed up for Halloween. There were all different breeds and costumes there. The most popular themes were Pumpkins, Batman, Superman, Sharks, and Pan Am flight attendant dogs. I heard two dogs called Coco, which is the name of my parent’s dog as well. Guess it’s a popular dog name?

It was very cold outside and I didn’t have any gloves on so I didn’t stay for the entire event, but stayed around up until the talent portion of the Halloween event. I didn’t stay for the swimsuit portion. I don’t know which dog I would have picked as the winner but the two bulldogs in the feature photo probably would have gotten my vote. The Harry Potter one was really cute too. But all the dogs were very adorable! I’m looking forward to next year’s Halloween Pet Parade!

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