Paris, France Honeymoon - Day 6 - 7.23.11 (46)

Paris, France Honeymoon – Day 6 – 7.23.11

October 9, 2011 | Travel Photography

Day 6 was the day we spent in northern part of Paris in the artsy, hilly Montmartre. We saw the Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, visited Espace Dali, the Salvador Dali museum, walked around the Place du Tertre, Montmartre Cemetery and walked by the Moulin Rouge as well.

Kristen and I took the Metro up to the Montmartre area. Whatever way you go, you have to walk UP a lot of stairs to get there. So you definitely have to prepare for that. We visited the Sacre Coeur, which has an awesome view of Paris. You can’t see the Eiffel Tower from there but it’s a pretty view. After that, we walked down the hill and tried to make our way to the Dali museum and the art square Place du Tertre. It was really confusing trying to navigate through the streets. It was seriously like a maze…and we had a map too! We had to go walk up more stairs to get to the places we needed to go, which we both LOVED. The Dali museum was cool to see, especially he’s one of our favorite artists. It was a small museum so we didn’t spend too much time there. We walked around the art square, which was packed with people and artists trying to sell their works.

As we were walking down the hill again, we saw a nice spot with buildings and stairwells leading down, but the sky was actually blue! I needed to take some pictures to show that it didn’t actually rain every waking second. Plus it was just a breathtaking view. We decided to have lunch on a hilly restaurant near Bateau Lavoire, Picasso’s old studio and artist hangout. While we were eating, we experienced yet another downpour. We moved to an umbrella area and one of the few people to sit outside when it was raining and eating. It made the experience so much more interesting. We didn’t get to wet though. When we were done with our lunch, the storm let up and was sunny again. The weather is so weird in Paris! We went to an awesome bakery and few clothing shops. I heard a song by Amy Winehouse over the speakers, covering a Specials song. Which is weird since she died that day. Not sure if it was the radio or just music they were playing in the store.

Considering we go to cemeteries in every city we visited, we went to a few in Paris. Everyone has famous people in them. The one in Montmartre had author Alexander Dumas, Degas, and Offenbach. We ended the day by going pass the Moulin Rouge and then taking the Metro home. I can’t remember if we did anything that night but it probably just consisted of us trying to find a restaurant to eat at.

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