The Cranberries @ Nokia Theatre, NYC - 11.18.09 (12)

The Cranberries @ Nokia Theatre, NYC – 11.18.09

December 4, 2009 | Concert Photography

The Cranberries have reunited, and it’s about time too! I bought tickets to their New York City show last month but I was hoping I was going to get a photo pass. I tried and I tried, e-mail a ton of people seeing if they wanted coverage. Nada. I decided to try for myself last minute (i.e. 3pm day of the show) and at 5pm I had a photo pass!

I was 5 minutes from leaving to drive into the city when I got that e-mail. I was stupid and didn’t have my batteries fully charged. One was acting up or completely dead so I was going on a battery that was half drained. I guess a battery charger for the car would be something I need to invest in for things like this? Thankfully my battery didn’t die on me for the night. Turns out the other battery is a glitch in D300 and shows that it’s dead, but it’s really not. Either the metal parts of the battery aren’t fully connecting to the camera metal parts or just something isn’t working properly. I think it’s a known glitch in D300. I upgraded and it still does it, but I turn off the camera and take the battery back in and out and then it works. Weird.

ANYWAY, if you would like to read the full review of the show – please visit

I had a great time taking pictures at this show. Dolores is an interesting subject to shoot, in that she’s always moving and gives photographers great poses. Although, I had a feeling she was running away from the photographers (me and 2 others). Not sure why she was, maybe since she was wearing a dress and didn’t want any up skirt shots? Not like I would post something like that. Those Katy Perry cartwheel photos is a different story.

The lighting was pretty good, in that there was a white spotlight on Dolores for majority of the set. It was tough to focus on the members of the band since they weren’t really coming up close. Later on when of course my camera was away, the other band members got a bit more animated. I used the 70-200mm f2.8 lens to get shots of those guys since they were further back. The main goal for me was to get some quality shots of Dolores and I think I succeeded.

In closing, I’m really shocked to not see more photographers in the pit or other websites wanting coverage of the Cranberries. They are still a major rock act, that sold out NYC and other cities. Websites will post news that they are reuniting but they don’t actually want coverage of it? It’s a bit stupid if you ask me. It’s things like that makes me glad I have my own website that I can post & shoot whatever the hell I want.

I’m really hoping the Cranberries come back to New York City because they were a lot of fun to shoot and see. They still got it!

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