Gallows @ Warped Tour 2009, Scranton PA - 07.15.09 (5)

Gallows @ Warped Tour 2009, Scranton PA – 07.15.09

July 23, 2009 | Concert Photography

Gallows have been talked about amongst concert photographers for awhile now. You need to experience their shows for yourself to truly understand what kind of band Gallows are. They are a UK Hardcore band that just released their 2nd album called Grey Britain. Even if you don’t like hardcore, definitely check them out on the Warped Tour this year!

The first song Frank Carter and the rest of the band performed on stage. Frank was pacing back and forth, looking mighty pissed off. I guess you kind of have to when you’re in a HC band. At one point he was slamming his microphone to the ground, and it ended up not working. Or maybe he did that because it wasn’t working? I got some shots of him and the rest of the band, including a cool jumpshot from Frank. I heard after the first song, Frank goes into the crowd for the rest of the set. Well that was definitely the case, and I didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

I used to be in hardcore dance pits, errr..usually on the edge of them actually. But I never really had my camera with me before so I had to keep both eyes open. One to take shots and the other to watch for dancers, moshers, anyone who was going to cause problems really. Frank was enjoying himself in the pit and was laughing at the kung fu moves that PAHC kids like to do in the pits. It was tough getting shots of Frank because he was usually being mauled for the microphone. But I think I managed to get some good shots of him. At one point, he told everyone to get a circle pit around the Hurley soundboard tent, which meant I had to move back because I was right in the middle. The same thing happened last year when Street Dogs wanted everyone to do that.

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