Anti-Flag @ Warped Tour 2009, Scranton PA - 07.15.09 (5)

Anti-Flag @ Warped Tour 2009, Scranton PA – 07.15.09

July 20, 2009 | Concert Photography

Anti-Flag are always a fun band to shoot because they give you the opportunity to come away with so many jumpshot photos. I managed to get a few of Chris #2 jumping, some shots are better than others. If you get a chance to shoot Anti-Flag this year on the tour, be sure to do so.

I wish I had more time to shoot their set besides 3 songs because they go into the crowd and do even more jumping throughout the set. Justin Sane didn’t really jump that much in the first 3 songs, but after that I saw him jumping around like crazy. Sadly, I didn’t get any shots of Pat Thetic the drummer. He makes these hilarious drum faces when back there, but I just focused on Justin, Chris and Chris this time around. For this set, I used my 18-70mm and 70-200mm lenses.

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