Dublin, Ireland Vacation - Day 6 (32)

Dublin, Ireland Vacation – Day 6

May 19, 2009 | Photography, Travel Photography

Day 6 of our Dublin, Ireland vacation was spent in the seaside towns of Malahide and Howth. If you plan on spending any time in Dublin, I highly recommend spending a day or two outside the city and explore the seaside villages & towns. I particularly loved Howth and wish I spent the day there instead of just a half day.

The first half of the day was spent in Malahide, which is just north of Howth. It takes about 25 minutes to get to by the DART. First thing we did was grab a bite to eat real quick. We stopped inside a shop that made giant scones, that were delicious! One of the best I’ve had too! We wanted to check out Malahide Castle, which was okay to look at. It’s funny with castles because it’s impressive to see them on the outside. But when it comes to the inside of castles, I get bored easily. We couldn’t take pictures inside, and got hurdled around the castle like cattle from room to room. It was an audio tour that was somewhat interesting, but I wish we had a chance to explore the castle at our own pace. After that, we walked and played on the nearby playground for a few minutes. It was a gorgeous out, and many people were already out enjoying the day. While waiting for the next train, we walked into the town and walked by the water a little bit.

Trying to figure out Dublin transportation is tough. We thought we were going to Howth, but for some reason ended up on a train going back to Dublin, which really sucked because we lost an hour on the day. We had to hop back onto a train and head for Howth. I’m glad we didn’t just call it day when we got on the wrong train. Howth was awesome, and really beautiful. It got really windy on the pier, so much I had to put my hood up. My ears get earaches really quickly when it comes to European wind. I don’t feel like going on the plane with an earache again. That was a nightmare last time. I took some pictures of the boats sailing by, some buskers on the pier freezing their asses off, and took pictures of the small island near Howth.

After that, we walked into the town a little bit and saw St Mary’s Abbey briefly. I was trying to figure out where the coastal walk was, but then saw everyone walking on this street. thankfully that was the right way to go, and it was really nice walk. I wish I had a car to drive in the town because I wanted to walk more of the cliffs than of road. The day was sunny for the most part, somewhat breezy and sunny. One minute you had to take off your jacket because it got too hot, then you had to put it back on because it go too breezy. Our ears were killing us on the cliffs and sadly didn’t get too far. Plus we didn’t want to miss a train, so we headed back. i’m really glad we spent the day visiting Malahide and Howth. I wish we had to time to see Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire as well, but there’s always next time!

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