Glasvegas @ Webster Hall, NYC - 3.30.09 (8)

Glasvegas @ Webster Hall, NYC – 3.30.09

April 2, 2009 | Concert Photography

Scotland’s Glasvegas played Webster Hall Monday night and put on a fantastic set! Ida Maria opened up which you can read about here. I thought Glasvegas sounded very similar to how they sound on their latest album, which is a good thing in my mind. If you didn’t see Glasvegas Monday night, you missed out on a great show!

Since this is a photography blog, I’ll talk mostly about that sort of stuff. But if you want to read the review of the show, read it at I’ve had the pleasure of shooting the show with Chris La Putt and Gabi Porter. It’s always nice to have fellow photographers in the pit with ya. They told me the lighting will be really tough for Glasvegas and they were right! The first 2 songs were okay, but extremely tough to shoot. The third song was nearly impossible for me. There was no stage lighting, with just stars in the background. Some spotlights hit the lead singer James Allan on and off but I had a tough time with the third song. The first two songs either was pitch black, or BRIGHT flashes of light. Gabi told me to press down on the shutter and just hope for some shots and I took her advice. Of course most of the photos came out like shit. But I liked some of the shots I got of the band but disappointed that I didn’t get much of the drummer and the bass player.

I shot this set with the 50mm f1.4 and 18-70mm f3.5 lenses. It would have been great to have the 14-24mm lens for this show but despite the third song, my lenses managed just fine. If you get the chance to shoot Glasvegas, be prepare for the dark lighting! It was still cool to shoot the show though, just very challenging.

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