NYC Holiday Trip - 12.20.08 (4)

NYC Holiday Trip – 12.20.08

December 23, 2008 | Day Trips, Photography

Saturday December 20th was the day to act like a tourist for me. I never really went down to the city to see the usual sights like Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, Macy’s on 34th street or take a stroll through a snowy Central Park. Matt’s new company that he works for offered a round trip bus ticket for 10 bucks to go to the city for the day. Since it was so cheap, Matt and his wife Michelle, my girlfriend Kristen and I all decided to go down for the day for sight seeing, shopping and food.

We got into Manhattan around 11:30 and went to the NHL store first and then Rockefeller Center to see the tree. Obviously the city was a madhouse this day. There was a big snow storm the day before, so everyone needed to get out of the house. Plus it was the last weekend before Xmas. I’ve seen the tree once before and it’s not that impressive really. It always looks so much smaller in person. I see these big trees all the time up here in Orange County. Rockefeller Center always gets trees from my birth town of Suffern, NY all the time, which is cool. Anyway, we tried taking some pictures during the day by the tree but idiots walk in your shots just about every 2 seconds. It’s really annoying. Kristen and I ventured off separately and did some shopping at Columbus Circle and other stores. Or well, looked in the stores. That crap is too expensive!

The day was bitterly cold so going in and out of stores was a must. If not you would probably freeze your face off. We took a walk, or slid through Central Park. I walked around this area last year before the Pogues concert so it was nice to do with all the snow all over the place. I got a lot of nice shots of the park, and got a funny photo of people sliding down a path and tripping up it. We went to FAO Schwarz with the thousands of other people. Waited on a line like cattle, just to go in and see the over-priced toys. Its fun going in there and seeing what toys they are selling. Ah to be young again. After that, I ate some Thai food for the first time and that was delicious. Then we walked down 10 blocks to 34th street with the rest of the crowds. Took a few photos and got the hell out of there.

We met up with Matt and Michelle down there and took the subway back up to Rockefeller Center. Matt and I wanted to get some night shots of the tree. It was super packed as everyone was trying to get a shot in front of the tree. At one point, some bitch was screaming her way through the crowd and then at us, to move and get out of the way. Just so her ugly children and her stupid self can take a picture in front of the tree. You gotta love the Christmas spirit! Thankfully, we didn’t run into that she-devil anymore and enjoyed the rest of the night. We saw a guy propose to his girlfriend at the skating rink, in front of thousands. I don’t think I would have the balls to do that in front of thousands of people. I got a photo of that and think it was my favorite shot of the day. I had other people take pictures of Kristen and I, but it’s always frustrating coming home and seeing the photos out of focus. I should just have a back-up point & shoot camera for these moments. All in all, it was very cold but fun walking around the city and taking pictures.

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