Great Big Sea @ South Orange Performing Arts Center, NJ - 10.30.08 (1)

Great Big Sea @ South Orange Performing Arts Center, NJ – 10.30.08

November 2, 2008 | Concert Photography

Great Big Sea returned to the Metropolitan area again, after just playing New York City in September. This time, they played the new theater SOPAC in South Orange, NJ. I have never been there before but the theater was very nice, and had great sound & lighting.

I already wrote a full live review over at so if you would like to know more about the actual concert, head over here.

Since this concert was in a theater, I knew going in that it was going to be tricky taking photos just because there are seats. I knew I’d have to take pictures from the aisle but that wasn’t the case. There were two open areas in the first two rows, on the left and right. I wasn’t in the way of the audience and I was close enough to get some great shots. I was the only photographer there that night so that was a nice feeling. The lighting was amazing and it shows in the photos. At least I think so. Bright white front lighting and colorful back lighting. I wish I had more time to take pictures in between songs because there was some great opportunity to get some neat shots. I did manage to get a silhouette shot of Sean with his Bodhran in between the first and second song. I headed to the right part of the stage during the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd song. The mics were in the way in the third song so I moved back to the left part of the stage.

I mostly used my 70-200mm f2.8 lens for the 3 songs, but I used my 18-70mm f3.5 lens as well. I wanted to get some wide angle shots of the band. I shot around 1600 ISO the entire time because the lighting was so bright. If lighting could be like Great Big Sea’s for every show I attend, I’d be a happy man. After the third song, I was done for the most part. I did take my camera out and tried to shoot from my seat for a song or two. I felt I didn’t capture the stage well enough and I wanted some different perspectives as well. Thanks to GBS management, Gigante Media and the SOPAC house manager for passes and nice seats!

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