The Aggrolites @ Warped Tour 08, Scranton PA - 7.27.08 (16)

The Aggrolites @ Warped Tour 08, Scranton PA – 7.27.08

August 1, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

The last time I saw The Aggrolites, they opened for the Dropkick Murphys at Tinks in Scranton, PA. I was supposed to have passes for that and Epitaph messed up. Thankfully The tour manager of the Dropkick Murphys got me into the show so I could see at least The Aggrolites. I was impressed with the band’s live show and they moved around so much for being a reggae band…well Dirty Reggae band.

I was coming from the main stages 50 miles away so I had to speed walk to the stage to see the Aggrolites. I only saw 2 songs of Reel Big Fish so I could see The Aggrolites instead. I’ve seen RBF a bunch so that was okay. Thankfully I went over to see the Aggrolites because a huge thunderstorm broke out during their set. First it started to lightly rain, then it was a huge downpour. There was thunder, lightning, hail, and a bunch of sweaty, soggy Warped Tour fans fleeing to the amphitheater where the band was playing. They stopped playing halfway through because of the lightning.

The drummer of the Aggrolites and another band were having a drum-off to keep the fans occupied. I thought it was great for them to do that and I was entertained. Another entertaining thing that happened was all the kids sliding down the grass hill behind the amphitheater. I got a few photos of that in the “Misc. Crowd Shots of Warped Tour section.” After the rain, the band came back to finish their set. They played songs off their newest album like “Faster Bullet,” and “Free Time” but also played older songs like “Countryman Fiddle.” Mike from the Street Dogs came out to sing “Bank Robber” and I thought that was really cool. The band finished with the Beatles cover “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Since it was rainy out, it was kind of hard to get good lighting for these guys. The ceiling of the amphitheater covered up any light that there was. I could have used flash but I didn’t bother bring my flash at all and wasn’t going to use my pop up flash. I was shooting around 1600 ISO for these guys at times, which is sad since this concert was outside! Since the amphitheater’s stage was high, I mainly used the 70-200mm lens and concentrated on getting portrait shots. The band didn’t seem to come up close to the edge of the stage, so there wasn’t any reason to use the wide angle lens. I did use that lens a few times but mostly it was my telephoto lens.

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