Dengue Fever @ Central Park SummerStage, NYC - 7.5.08 (18)

Dengue Fever @ Central Park SummerStage, NYC – 7.5.08

July 12, 2008 | Concert Photography

Dengue Fever played second for the Rachid Taha concert at SummerStage. They mix Cambodian pop music with psychedelic rock. I’ve heard of their name a lot but never heard their music or seen them live until that day. I liked what I heard from their show and the crowd certainly liked their set as well.

The band played for an hour and the entire time there wasn’t one raindrop. It was actually sunny & hot at one point. The day was certainly a weird one weather-wise. Dengue Fever have a cool sound, I’m not sure I’d always listen to them but they definitely put on a good show. The crowd loved them just as much as Rachid Taha. I don’t know their music so not sure what songs they played.

It was hard getting pictures of every member of the band, since there was so many of them. Usually when there is a lot of people in the band, I try to concentrate on the singer and the people up front. So the drummer and in this case, bongo player didn’t get as many photos from me. You only have 3 songs or so to shoot so you have to pick and choose. I shot this set with the 70-200mm f2.8 lens mostly with an ISO around 400 since it was still a little cloudy out. I did take a few shots with my 18-70mm f3.5 lens though.

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