Goldfinger @ Roseland Ballroom, NYC - 6.26.08 (7)

Goldfinger @ Roseland Ballroom, NYC – 6.26.08

June 29, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

Goldfinger co-headlined the Shout It Loud tour with Less Than Jake and I had the pleasure of shooting them for the first time Thursday night. It’s been a good 3 or 4 years since I last saw the band play so it was good to see them again. Their newest album “Hello Destiny” is out now on Side One Dummy and it’s a great album!

Unlike the other bands, I was only allowed to shoot 2 songs in the photo pit. The band wanted to have this bridge to the stage to crowd so that was interesting. It was interesting because I never shot a show with that before. So I had to duck underneath it if I wanted to move around. Plus the security guards were all over the pit for their set since they are a rowdier band than the first two bands. I still managed to get a lot of great shots of John and newly re-formed member Charlie on guitar.

Charlie is AWESOME to shoot pictures of because the man is spinning around, jumping in the air, and giving you rock poses. The whole band jumps a lot and you can get some amazing photos of that. I only managed to get a few jump shots, including the one above. I like that photo a lot because it looks like he’s jumping INTO the photo. It’s a weird composition but I think it still works. I’m just happy it’s in focus haha. At the bottom, you’ll see a photo of a fan eating a Twinkie out of Darren’s ass. It’s really gross & funny, and I have no idea why someone would do that. Imagine how sweaty that ass is and how badly it smells. Dear god that’s fucking gross! And Darren probably does that every show too!

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