The Queers @ Cafe Metropolis, Wilkes-Barre PA - 6.21.08 (11)

The Queers @ Cafe Metropolis, Wilkes-Barre PA – 6.21.08

June 23, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

The Queers played Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre, PA. This year, they came back with the rest of the bands from the Asian Man Records tour. The other bands on the tour included Kepi Ghoulie from the Groovie Ghoulies, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bomb The Music Industry and Lemuria.

The last band of the evening were the Queers, the band I was there to see. They ended up playing a lot of the same songs as last year, including a Screeching Weasel cover (“Cindy’s on a Methadone”) and a Ramones cover (“Sheena is a Punk Rocker”). They were still great though and barely stopped to take a breather and talk to the crowd. Joe Queer and the other two guys were just plowing through all the classics like “No Tit,” “Love Love Love,” “Punk Rock Girls” “Monster Zero,” “Kicked Out of the Webelos,” “My Old Man’s a Fatso” and “I Can’t Stop Farting.”

Like Ben Weasel & Owen Murphy said on one of their latest podcast on Weasel Radio, Joe King needs to start playing some of the pop songs more. But Joe’s defense is that the kids aren’t there for those songs and want to hear all the 80s stuff. I know I would love to hear all the pop songs, as well as some newer stuff from Munki Brain, Punk Rock Confidential, and Pleasant Screams. Towards the end of their set, Kepi Ghoulie came on stage and performed with the band. They came back with a quick encore and played “Ursala Finally Has Tits” and “This Place Sucks” (again).

Shooting this show was pretty hard because the club is so dark. Plus I didn’t want to leave the chair I was standing on since the club was packed. Plus i’m a chicken shit and don’t want to get in the middle of a pit and get my camera ruined. I started off the night with not using flash but I just had to use flash when it called for it. I definitely needed it to shoot the crowd moshing and crowd surfing. For most of the photos, I went with black & white because I just liked the way it looked and reminded me of the old school punk rock photos from the 80s. The show definitely reminded me of an 80s punk show, well minus stage diving.

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