Strung Out @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC - 5.31.08 (4)

Strung Out @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC – 5.31.08

June 2, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

Strung Out have been around since 1992 but I haven’t really listened to their music all that much. Not for any reason except I just never got any of their albums. Usually when I got Fat Wreck music, I’d hand it off to my friend Paul to review. I saw Strung Out last year at the Warped Tour and thought they were good. On the Pennywise tour, they were awesome and got the crowd in a near riot frenzy.

The crowd was absolutely nutters for Strung Out and the mosh pit was pretty much the whole venue. At one point, the barricade on the right side of the venue broke open and a girl got slammed against the gate. She was okay, and the bouncers at venue let her sit inside the equipment area and gave her water. Since I keep shooting shows at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza, I noticed that the bouncers and staff have been extremely nice & helpful to me and other people as well. Of course kids might think differently since there were several occasions of kids almost fighting back with security. This show was definitely one of the rowdier shows I’ve been too in awhile.

On the photography side of things, the lighting was better for Strung Out. I actually had to lower my ISO since there was a lot of white lighting. I was using 2000-3200 ISO for most of the show. Even though the lighting was bright, it was all back lighting and very hard to get some shots of the band without getting these big bursts of light in your photos. I probably should have brought my lens hood. After the second song, I swore it was the third song already so I left the pit, went back to stand with my girlfriend. But then I realized it was only the second song, so I quickly went back to shoot the third song. Just goes to show you that my mind is elsewhere when I’m in the photo pit.

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